About Rob

This blog reflects my personality and my character, in that I can be serious, but I don’t take my self seriously. One day, my site might have a humorous tone, and the next, be deadly serious. The thing is, I don’t claim to be a journalist, a ‘real’ writer, comic or satirist. Good lord, I’m a janitor! That said, I do know the difference between don’t and dont, there and their (when I’m not being lazy, and I try not to be lazy), and I do try to be somewhat intelligent about punctuation and grammar. I write what I feel like writing, whatever interests me at the given moment, be it a social issue or some quick, strange and quirky fiction. Who knows, I certainly don’t

Sometimes I’m just not that friggin’ intelligent!

But it can get interesting…

Born a poor boy to a Minnesota farmer in the middle of a raging May snowstorm, Rob overcame the blight of thick cream milk, heavily greased bacon and cornporn pancakes to eventually venture out into the world. As a boy of 12, he signed on with a tramp steamer, witnessed a murder, found sin after losing his innocence and eventually ended up living among the Natives of West Africa by the time he was 16.

Rob’s young adult years found him wandering the North American continent experimenting the counterculture of the drug induced, the homeless, the downtrodden and the poor until meeting the woman who would change his life, turning Rob into a modern icon of a hardworking man and supporter of his many children.

And I didn’t even mention my run in with a couple of aliens in the middle of a hot, deserted, desert highway at 3 in the morning when the moon was bright, pregnant and ready for birth.


But getting back to the story…

Everything else aside, I like to write. I don’t make money at it, and don’t expect to make money at it, and that allows for certain freedoms on my part when I write. If you’re looking for consistency, this ain’t the place to find it.

Like you, I’m a complex, thoughtful person and I’m growing in my ideas and beliefs.

Ok, that all sounds nice, now go look around.

One thing you can always be sure of, you’re not going to find anything like this elsewhere.