The Coming Synth

I like sex. I believe it’s a natural biological function and I get there’s a thousand different ways to get off. Like everything else in our lives, thoughts on sex are evolving, or perhaps just changing. There’s a lot more acceptance of gender identity and sexual preferences these days, and I’m fine by that. Good lord, I’m even fine with furries, don’t understand it, but I’m fine with it. I also get that a lot of people are uncomfortable with anything other than what’s historically been considered ‘straight sex’. You know, the only right way to do it is between a man and woman, husband and wife, missionary style. I kinda get that too.

Like I said, sex is changing, now we’re in the dawn of a new technological age, where artificiality is soon to rule, and by that, look no further than the growth of life-like sex partners infused with artificial intelligence. To the point a synth will recognize you in a crowed room, remembers your sexual preferences, and has your last couple of conversations stored for reference. Weird shit for sure!

I originally intended to write about the weirdness of synth sex orgies when I came across this article, but I got to thinking about where evolution is headed for the our species, and I’ve always believed the next huge evolutionary step is merging with our technology. And I got to thinking. Scientists are already thinking of ways to construct an artificial brain where your consciousness can be downloaded. We’re also on track to grow embryos in an artificial womb.

Artificial bodies, brains and wombs are all on the doable track to accomplish in the next couple of decades. See where I’m going? It’s not going to be too much longer where you have a synth, with an artificial brain and womb! Throw in what we’re be able able to do with genetics in a couple more decades, and basically, the human species as we know it will have come to a screeching dead end. A sci-fyish future of synth wars could be in our future, and we all know how that’s going to turn out. I also can’t help but wonder if they will be better than us, more responsible. My guess is, probably not, with their synthetic brains being comprised of human needs, desire and wants, which means not much is going to change after all.

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