The Rock & Toilet Paper

Women and men are different. We might be two halves of the same rock, or we might be two completely different species that resemble each other. I tend toward the latter. Where women tend to think about the need for toilet paper before hand, men only think about toilet paper when it’s actually needed. That and, when men come home from work, they go fishing with the expectation that when they come home, their better half is right ready to fry up their catch, and there better be a damn good supply of toilet paper. But what men don’t understand, is that women are patient, and are willing for whatever reason, to work toward making men more like women. I mean, after thirty some years of marriage, I now check for toilet paper, I no longer fish, I’m a pretty good cook and I’m apt to vacuum when I see it’s needed. All without being told. Devious, huh?

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