A Common Man

common-manThere was a time when I thought I would change the world. Not could, but would, as in that was my sole purpose for being born. For a very long time, I believed in destiny, in fate, in God and in myself. So much so, I thought myself somewhat special. Not special in the sense that I was better, but special in that I had a specific job to do. Specific and special, assigned by God (or perhaps by aliens but that’s a different story) to make the world a better place.

I’ve always had a personal view of how the world should be laid out, along political, social, cultural and religious veins and the relationship of each, to the other, and to the body. Always thought my ideas were somewhat solid, even if they were somewhat simplistic but I think it’s a fair and substantive question to ask if a Nation should seek respect before power, if belief proceeds needs and determines ritual, if education enhances compassion, and in what way?

30 years ago, I really believed that by the time I was in my fifties, we’d have a moon base, moved on to Mars, beaten back poverty, experience the beginnings of a spiritual awakening as well making inroads into prejudice.

I guess I kind of figured the human race didn’t need my input. That you’d all be alright, that you’d get to where you need to be with out my help. I kind of haven’t worried about humanity for the last 30 years as I went about raising my kids, working and having fun but a funny thing happened the other

I woke up!

I realized I really don’t like the world we’ve made for ourselves simply because I know we can do better, a hell of a lot better. Thing is, I’m a dreamer, and I do happen to believe that dreams do come true, but I’m also smart enough to understand, that they don’t come true without hard work, sweat, hard faith and diligence.

Maybe my destiny is still in play? May be, that I’m not a common man?

And You?

3 thoughts on “A Common Man”

  1. Be it common man or conman, thirty years is not enough time to bask in the glory of true change. We are ever evolving, Rob, but to really notice how far and how much has changed it takes a couple of generations to render their opinion before we realize we did make a difference in the past 30 years. Probably not near enough in the time mentioned, but I would say enough to notice, and we are not finished. At the back-end of fifty, I refuse to quit! I kind of think our momentum is coming into bloom. I think it is in our comfort years that we can exhale long enough to examine what is and ain’t. It is in the years of retirement where we are not trudging off to careers that have lost luster that we find the time to contribute in a more meaningful way. When the future appears through the eyes of our grand and great grandchildren, a vision will become crystal clear of what we would like their future to be. Right. Rob?

  2. Conman, lol. I shouldn’t write, or post late at night. I’m not sure we’re evolving at all, sometimes it seems like some of us are devolving.

    1. Be assured Rob, We ARE Evolving whether we like it or not! By recognizing the Evolve/Devolve continuum is proof alone. I understand, as you do too, not all of us are or need to be at the same level. There really is no Participation Trophy for participation in life, but lately it sure seems to be more and more the norm.

      I so want to believe you are not becoming a curmudgeon, dear Rob. Life is too short to be devoured in its grip. Come, eat from the Buffet of Life. Be choosy about what you put on your plate, and my best advice is Clean your Plate, Wash It, and Put it Away!

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