Observations from a Deep Space Visitor

You guys are weird!

UFO110711I’ve had the opportunity to spend the last few generations among you humans and after all these years, that’s the best I can come up with. Of all the planets, all the civilizations, societies and cultures I’ve been exposed to, you’re the only species I can’t figure out.

The biggest thing that’s strange about you all, is that you don’t have your own welfare front and center. Let me take that back. Your individual welfare is important, but that’s it. Everything else, including your planet takes a back seat. Speaking about your planet, let me tell you how it’s done everywhere else. Your planets your home, your abode, your harbor of safe haven. You treat it right and it’s always there for you. While humans (at least most of you) keep a clean home with a daily cleaning routine, that concept isn’t extended out your front door or beyond your front yard. That’s just common sense to do so! I mean, just about every human keeps their house clean and yard cut so their neighbors don’t think their slobs. Have you ever considered what visitors might think from across the voids of space when they stop by your planet?

 Yea, I know, you don’t think on a large scale like that. It’s way too much about you, the individual. But you see, and this is what’s idiotic, by looking and addressing the larger issues of existence and the reality you live in, the individual benefits. Here on Earth, that doesn’t happen because you can’t see beyond your immediate needs.

 See, problems are not solved by every one going off in different directions. Hell, even the insects have it right for the most part.

 Now I’m not claiming that you shouldn’t cherish what makes you individuals. You certainly should but the truth is, most humans don’t know where their own individuality comes from. You cherish and glorify religion, but not God or that sense of spirit that resides in all things. You haven’t quite figured out that your individuality isn’t handed out to you at birth. You earn it and define it as you move through life.

 I’ll let out a little secret here, who you are as an individual has nothing to do with what you think, nothing to do with your thought process’s, but everything to do with your actions. In other words, you’re not an independent individual just because you think you are. You actually have to prove it by your actions. Most don’t and that’s why the word ‘sheeples’ is prevalent, so it’s not like alarms aren’t sounding.

 Than again, I’m not accusing humans of being all that bright. I mean. like you all worship the same God for the most part. It’s no big deal that you have different names for him or even different ways to worship him. Actually, that’s fairly common across the universe. That said, you somehow manage to fight over God. Just like two children fighting over who their parents love more, so do humans fight over their God. This one, I just can’t figure. When I first got here, I thought it was because you were, well, children. That’s nothing more than a excuse for your behavior. There’s something more to this story, something darker, something deeper in your soul and I’m not so sure it’ll ever be figured out,  by humanity much less by myself.

For what it’s worth, I can’t finish this up without telling you why I’ve been hanging around this little speck of a planet. You see, across the universe, there’s a raging debate about humans. Do we step in and help now or wait till you come our way? In either case, we all feel we might be screwed. Screwed because you might destroy us either with your sense of war or infect us with your sense of self importance. Yes, we are scared of you because in our belief system, you represent a step backward, into chaos.

That’s not to say you don’t have your defenders, those who point out rightly so, that we were once as you. That kinda makes me cringe and break out in hives. You see, in my book, the difference is, we figured it out and I’m not so sure you humans can. It might be, you’ve came as far as you can.