Living in a New Year

As I wrote in my last post, life is about change, and a lot of that change is about rebirth. There’s no wonder why we celebrate New Year’s, it’s all about second chances, doing something different, amending wrongs, rectifying mistakes, apologies. All of which we never do, or very seldom manage to accomplish. The thing is, you can’t talk about second chances, doing things different or making amends without looking back over the course of your life, and wondering just how different your life could be if you had made different choices, done things just a bit different.

Maybe that’s why the Holiday is associated with drunkenness, revelry, and a whole bunch of insanity. We really wanna be better, we wanna be forgiving, we wanna do that change, but we’re just not capable of it. Sure, you’ll lose five pounds, celebrate, and then gain 25. You’ll continue though, to brag about that five pound loss till you realize people aint buying it anymore, even then, you’ll still try. Yep, you’ll forgive you coworker, apologize, make amends and by the first of February, realize he’s still an asshole, and you’ll regret that NYE whisky kiss, vowing it won’t happen again next year.

So you see, New Years Eve, it’s not about saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the new, it’s about who we are, better, who we wish we were, and since we’re not, and can never be, we might as well get drunk wishing we could be.

Makes perfect sense to me.

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