A Very Merry Thank You

Fundamentally, life is about change. So much so that when that experience is both muted and chaotic, and when both inhabit the same time and space, change is fundamentally transformative.

My mother has sold her home of many years and just moved in down the road. Once a two hour 2015 xmasdrive, mom is literally now a 5 minute drive. That move was a last minute decision, and a surprise. In addition, my son has transitioned from a group home to semi-independent living.

Both moves will have an immediate impact. My routine will change, that’ll probably bug me because I’m a routine sloth bug, lazy and predictable. Because of that, I might be somewhat dysfunctional, in that sometimes I can’t get shit done because it’s outside of my routine.

I can write that my entire family is a bit dysfunctional, but really it’s no more dysfunctional than yours, so lower the lid on your throne. See, with family comes responsibility. A time to drop whatever you’re doing, to help a parent, a brother, or sister. Dysfunctional arguments aside.

I’m deeply appreciative and thankful for my sister. Barb flew up from Tucson to help move my mom. She took control, got the job done and if you know my mom, that wasn’t easy. Of course, there’s a lot more to that story, but now’s not the time.

Sean’s transition has been a long one, a winding journey through a disjointed, strange forest. One that’s difficult to talk about in the sense that his future is always in flux. We learned that last January.

We’re lucky in a lot of meandering ways, lucky for Tabitha and Victoria, for their work and dedication in helping Sean get to this point in his life. And there are also a host of good people who have helped and supported Sean over the years, from staff at his group home to doctors I’ve never met.

Life is about change, it’s also about being appreciative of people in your life that help you wither through that change. In the midst of chaos, I was basically silent, lost, and it turns out I was lucky, there were people who made it all work.

For that, I’m especially thankful this holiday season.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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