Dazed, Confused & Screwed


imagesI’ve been quiet. I just haven’t felt like writing. It happens every now and then. Almost always happens about this time of year so it might have something to do with the turning of seasons, the coming of holidays or just outright fatigue. There’s also truth that I’ve been concentrating on my YTC. Usually when I’m not writing, I am thinking, usually too much. When I think too much I get confused.

Like when I think about the world we’re existing in at the moment. I used the word existing on purpose, because I’m not so sure anyone is actually living a decent, honorable life these days. In fact, I’m of the opinion that our species might not even be capable of such a thing. Oh, I know we like to think we are, we like to acknowledge the honorable goodness that’s out there, the stories that make us feel better and are designed to give us hope.

The thing is, all those feel good stories are splotches on a canvas of hate, intolerance, injustice, and outright evil.

None of this speaks to the fact that there exists good, generous people, and I firmly believe there are many more good generous people, but more to the fact that evil is louder, more commanding of our attention. Evil certainly sells newspapers, gathers up your attention on the tube or spews it’s self across the digital spectrum.

So does stupidity!

If an alien species exists, what they are hearing from us is our intolerance, our hate, murder, and mayhem that runs rampart across and around our globe. The good shit is blotted out! Someone on the outside looking in, can’t see anything else but our stupidity because they are looking at us as a whole, and I’m hoping that if we do have intelligent neighbors somewhere in space, they are compassionate enough to have a hole in one of their three green hearts.

A hole just like mine.

Because we simply might be screwed if we can’t figure out who we are as a species. That’s becoming clearer.

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