Come What May, May be Unexpected.

ambabyNo American alive will argue that we live in strange times, a time stream where everything seems upside down and turned around. There are of course those who have their foundation in order, who have a clear and concise understanding of all things and for the most part, they are those who are the ignorant and uncaring of what is happening in their neighborhood. They have excuses, and a reason, for every black person that is murdered by a peace officer, every lie told by a politician, every revision in our history, every mass shooting, terrorist attack or corporate misdeed. For them, they understand the social upheaval, their understanding layered in a world long gone, never to be again, and yet they cling to their deteriorating hope that maybe, just maybe.

One thing is for certain, we are in the midst of social upheaval across the ethical, moral and social spectrum. No one is going to be unscathed, and that’s not necessarily a horrible thing. Your world should be turned upside down, inside out these days. You should be questioning our police, our politicians, the history revisionists and our business leaders. We should be holding them revaccountable, accountable to the same extent I am. The only people who are not are those who have the answers, who blame all the Nations ills on our President, who live precariously in the fifties.

I could argue that social upheaval is a normal cycle of any country, any nation. That people questioning everything, every now and then, is needed for personal growth and growing social consciousness. That’s certainly true of us. Our Revolutionary war, Civil war, the Depression, the Sixties all led to a social change, toward a different and better Nation than we were the day before.

Today, the climate is a bit different, with a lot more intangibles, and like you, I’m not sure I understand exactly what is happening. One foreboding truth is clear though, and that is we live in an immediate age.  So immediate, that when a tragedy happens, it’s national in an instant. And in that instant, opinions are formed based on sparse facts. Opinions that are hard to change. People are quick to their own facts, reinforced by a collective mind, without common thought, bought together only by a common agenda. You and I, are paying for that. Technology that has given us Chromecast and Netflix has also given us an outspoken, class of idiots, that we can’t shut up.

Technology has also given us truth. For the first time, we can witness the actual killing of a young American child for what it was, murder. For the first time, we can bring our collective disgust to the killing of a Zimbabwean national treasure. For the first time, a politician cannot say, ‘I didn’t say that’. For the first time, information on any given topic is available for research. For the first time, what BP does in the gulf, we know. For the first time, when Isis beheads a captive, we can actually watch it, and toss our stomach.

In a very real sense, we live in a world of extremes. Of intelligent discourse and fantastical conversation happening at the same time, often intertwined together on Facebook or Twitter, and beaveroften both. Some are not able to distinguish between the intelligent conversation and simple stupidity, finding it easier to just embrace the latter rather than formulate an articulated response. It is usually they who still live in the halcyon days of the black and white Beaver. For the rest of us, we get it. We understand our Nation is changing, and the only question is, where are we going to end up a decade from now?

My guess, unexpected country.

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