Wishing for a Better World

I wish I could wave a magical wand and make all the problems go away. End hunger, done! Poverty and disease, gone! War, never again! Hate and prejudice, see ya, you’re history! Crime and conspiracy, ain’t got time for ya!download8

I’ve always been boggled by the fact that we actually have control of many of our social and cultural ills. Not all of them, but we do have enough say in our ills to have an impact on our lives and our environment.

Least we should!

I’m of the opinion that if we gave 10 people that magic wand, all ten would wave their wand in a sparkle of colors, wishing for a better world. So what gives. If we all want a better world, where the fuck is it? Are we really a race of scumbags that are all talk and no action, that beneath our desires for a better world, lurks a dark and foreboding evil that we really serve? Are we lazy, afraid to do the hard work necessary? Is every ones vision of world peace so vastly different that the vision, any vision, is impossible to obtain? Are there just too many obstacles to get there? Or are we on that road, and it’s just slow going?

Just as I don’t have a magic wand, I also don’t have a lot in the way for answers. I suppose it’s some crazy amalgamation of answers, pick and choose why we’re not living in a golden age of peace and prosperity. From an American standpoint, I think most Americans believe they are living in an age of prosperity, and because of that belief, they’re not too worried about the rest of the world. That’s another way of saying most Americans are not socially conscience on a global scale. Than again, I’m thinking, or I rather not think of, what the rest of the world thinks about Americans.

What I struggle with, is that we have far more in common that that which divides us, but no one seems to be able tofaithunderstand that, when compared to their individual belief systems. Two people of opposing faith have more in common that the faiths that divide them. Why? Because it’s not the words of their faith that are divisive as much as it is the persons interpretation of those words. Never said it was a good and honorable commonality. We take our faith literally, as we interpret our faith, and damn everyone else who doesn’t agree. It’s simply as saying ‘I am right, and you are wrong’.

Faith isn’t the only divisive roadblock. Reluctance to change, as I mentioned in my last post, plays a huge part. Waving that magic wand entails a huge leap of faith, faith that you’re not going to be worse off. You don’t  want someone bettering themselves at your personal expense.

Culture serves as a roadblock on the progressive road as well. No one simply wants to give up their way of life, their way download (2)1of doing things just to help someone else. It’s one of the reasons that people are resistant to alternative lifestyles. If you’re not like me, you’re different and that’s a bad thing. Interesting when you think about it, a Nation like ours, built on individualism and equality, has a real problem with people who are different.

There are a ton of potholes, boulders on our journey, all serving as distractions, obstacles and making the process somewhat agonizing, but the thing is, we are on the road.

I’m just not sure where we’re going.

The Mystical Origin of Being

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Warning, rambling thoughts ahead.

We are, as Human Beings, a strange and somber lot. Strange, in that our behavior is often self defeating, somber in that we recognize that truth, and don’t bother to refute it. There are, it would seem, strange and mystical powers involved in our lives. Supreme beings that make us do all these things we should not be doing, would rather not do.
Now before I get too far along, I want to give a shout out to Paula, who kinda got me thinking about this, with her words of wisdom about how we are resistant to change, and that our resistance can be part of our learning process.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention there’s an entire world of thought available on why people are resistant to change, as well as how to get people to change.

hammockWhat got me thinking as I was reading Paula’s Blog was a simple question I asked myself, ‘How have I changed as a person over the years?’. While Paula was writing about blogging, I opened the thought up to my larger worldview. I am, as most, just as resistant to change as the next, and if so, what have I done to grow as a person, what change have I faced and initiated to be different than I was yesterday?
The question isn’t so simple to answer. There are, variables, and a lot of ‘em.

Physical and emotional addictions are such variables. In both, there’s need and opportunity for change, and yet resistance is almost mandatory. Again, a strange and somber realization. War, crime, prejudices all strange and somber things that we can not seem to change even in the light of the destruction which follows in their path. These are human things.

As a human, I’ve had my share of personal demons. Lord yes, I have not always been this cool, great dude you know now.Truth is, I have a lot to be ashamed of, stuff I’d rather not talk about. You probably do too. In that respect, I’ve matured as a person and I’d like to think that’s part of the growing old cycle, but what’s next?

If I am by nature, not really wanting to change, I must be fine with who I am? If so, does that mean I don’t want to grow as a person? The right way to say it, I think, is ‘I like who I am as a person but I can learn to be even better’, which is strange because most people are emotional resistant to learning anything. Nothing is more evident of this than our current political discussions being beingheld across numerous social platforms.

I’ve always considered myself a person of change, of growth and I’ve always attributed that growth to my belief that I have an open mind. Open to other ideas, open to new knowledge, open to other cultures. Being open isn’t about change though, as I think about it, as much as it is just being accepting of differences.

Yet, being accepting makes me a better person, doesn’t it?

I would like to wake up one morning, and answer the following, ‘Have I changed for the better since yesterday?’ but I can’t because I’m not so sure I can, much less if I should. Maybe, there is some mystical shit going on behind the scenes forcing us to do shit we don’t wanna do.

Whatever the final answers are, waking up and asking that question is a worthwhile effort, and I’ll continue to think about it, for a while.