The Divisiveness of being Independent

download (2)There’s a special, creepy kind of shit going on here in America. The kind of crap we all know is happening but just can’t quite put our finger on the stink, can’t quite describe the shit that’s happening, but we all know it’s on, and on big time!

I call it out as Independent Divisiveness!

This here is a macho thing, an American thing, and we’re all guilty of it, men and women alike! Independent Divisiveness, or ID is rooted, and rooted strong and deep, in the belief that we Americans are tough and independent old cusses. A belief that goes back to the pioneering and cowboy days of our mommas and papas.

It’s a belief that says, out here on the prairie, ‘I gotta do it myself’.download4

Not only a belief, ID is attitude, a good honest attitude, and it made for surviving harsh times, failed crops and Indian raids. The rawness of the land forced that unforgiving attitude of self reliance simply because the alternative was failure, and failure often meant death, by arrow, by starvation, by weather, take your pick.

Our forefathers and mothers needed to be tough shits to survive! It’s just that simple. Thing is, back in the day, out alone on the grasslands or trapping along the Colorado river, you didn’t have to listen to anyone else’s point of view. There was only one that mattered.

So, for any American family that’s been in this nation for more than a hundred years, it’s culturally embedded in you that you’re an independent old sort, a wily old cuss hell bent on your independence.

And there is nothing wrong with being independent, and valuing your history. I cherish mine.

This here is where it gets creepy. Has that independent thing made you a divisive, intolerant individual? So much so that you don’t need facts, hell, won’t even listen to ’em, cuz you just know better. Or worse…,

are you even all that independent?

Is your mind made up based on information, facts and figures, given to you by others? Would you even consider that those facts and figures might be in the wrong, that you might be wrong?

images2See where I’m going? How our independent streak might lead to some damn ignorance and divisive behavior?

Thing is, most of you have never known hunger, cold and even when a natural disaster comes along, your suffering is limited. That’s the nation our forbearer’s suffered for, toughened up for. That’s why they were unbending, strong as that Oak in your front yard, with your grandpas and grandmas initials carved out in the bark. A testament to their lives. Lives you should cherish.

You don’t live on that windswept prairie and you’re not  trapping the river to insure your survivability, you can afford to bend, to listen. That’s what our ancestors gave us, that’s what they fought for. They proved it in our civil war,download (1) saying it loudly, with conviction.

All I’m asking, is think just how independent you really are when it comes to weighing in on what’s happening here in America? And maybe asking yourself if that independence might be better labeled as intolerance. Intolerance not because you’re ignorant, but because you’re too damned stubborn to stop and really think. That’s the crap that stinks and it is creepy given our history of self reliance.



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