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Rob Paxton

'tis the Season

Cool, but

be careful what you wish for. What if it's an alien probe designed to wake up when some batshit species probes it, notifying it's makers there's a batshit crazy species out there waiting to be conquered. I think that was a Star Trek episode. I watch Star Trek, so that's why I think about shit like this!

I can, unfortunately, imagine!

This touches me personally, as I spend a lot of time and effort making sure a loved one won't be living under a bridge when I'm finally rotting in the comfort of mother earth, and I'm always worried it's not enough. Here in MN, a socially progressive state, we do better in tending to those with mental health issues, but it's still a clusterfuck, money is tight, some services have long wait times, and there's just not enough of anything or anybody to help everybody who needs it. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know we can do better, we can be more understanding, more compassionate, but most are not, until it happens to someone they care about.


Then it's a different story.


I really don't like getting up in the morning and writing about Trumpworld, but good Jesus Christ, when Trump tweets a rabid, disgusting tweet, I gotta say something. For our President to imply that Senator Gillibrand would exchange sexual favors for money is, in every sense of the word, reaffirmation of Trumps disgusting opinion of women.


It's almost as disgusting as a pro Trump/Moore group sending a 12 year old girl to interview a man accused of being a pedophile.


You just can't make this shit up.

Christmas Came Early

for some of us old fucks. Man, I've been waiting a long time for this shit, so long in fact, I'm worried I might act like the proverbial sixteen year old, who's going to fumble, and fuck with a smile while not accomplishing a damn thing for my partner.

Pol .I. Ticks

So, the big election is tomorrow, in Alabama, where Roy Moore, an alleged purveyor of little girls is set to win their senate seat. SMH cuz as a life long political junkie, I don't get it. Try as hard as I can, by my way of thinking, he shouldn't even be in the running, but he's probably going to win. Hope I'm wrong! The only takeaway I have is that it speaks to the condition of who we are as a people, and no, it just ain't the good citizens of Alabama, it's all of us. I'm not sure of what shit we're all caught up in, but when we tear into those who believe different, think different, act different, or say something we don't like, we call 'em out as liars, slam 'em on social media, and do what we can to stain their reputation just because we can, just because we don't like what they say. That's shameful!


'On the bright side, generic Viagra hits the market today.'

The thing about Science

is that it's always opening new presents for us to think about. Regardless of discipline, science allows us to look at our history, our present, and our future in new and challenging ways. Science derives from a natural curiosity, without that inquiring mind we'd still be licking ants of a honey lathed stick.

Gotta Love Lindsey Sterling

and what's wrong with a little Christmas music to start your weekend?

Angry, Pissed & at a Loss

to understand what's going through the minds of Democrats regarding Al Frankin. I get that groping and grabbing is wrong, and zero tolerance is duly noted but why are you not crying out as loudly about Trump, or Moore? How can you take such a moral high ground, especially considering that there are serious concerns that the allegations against Frankin are an orchestrated smear campaign, by none other than Roger Stone, Trumps dirty trickster.

So when you all get together, like you did to eat your own, and voice your disgust toward Trump, Moore and this idiot Farenthold, who paid out 85,000 of our taxpayers money, I'll listen. Until then, I got serious reservations about your motivations.

It Begs the Question,

of how smart our psychologists are by asking how we'll react to the discovery of off world microbial life? What? Most people will say 'cool', and there will be some who just won't give a shit. The question I wanna know is, how will we react when a mile wide saucer lands in my back yard looking for food? Me? I'll be like, WTF, I don't need this shit at the moment cuz my life is way to complicated, so go away and stop by later. I'll have a bagel ready for ya then, and btw, call first!

To Even Suggest

a personal army of spies to spy on... American spies, to root out the imagined 'deep state' that is working fervently against Trumps policies is insane, and harkens back to the dark days of the gestapo. I don't know how much truth there is to this story, but I do know this, that even a whisper of such a creation should be shouted down. Thing is, the names involved, Ollie North and Eric Prince would both love such an agency to spy on anyone that says a word against them. You know, people like me. Just a minute, someones knocking on my door...

What? Huh? Scromiting?

Gimme a break, a huge break. I wanna see the scientific evidence that smoking 5 times a day for umpteen years will make you sick with something called 'scromiting'.  While getting high five times a day, everyday, might make for losing some gray matter, and add some poundage to the waistline, and making one lazy af, I've never heard of anyone ever getting a case of projectile puking and hallucinating to the point of madness.

Floating in Space...

             , just like Andy.

No, They are Wrong!

It's not our computers that are becoming people, it's people that are becoming computers. Seriously, when you think about it, the next step in our evolution is merging with our technology, and we are already seeing evidence of that. Don't believe it? Put down your smart phone!

Conspiracy? Nawww....

I don't know about secret Government bases and UFOs, some people will believe anything. Hell, I believed there was water and past civilizations on Mars, but then again, I've seen some pretty astounding images from MGS back in the day before NASA started doctoring up the pictures, so I'm open to conspiracies. Thing is, ya have to look at the source, and when it comes to Mr. Hannity, the shit he peddles is the same shit Alex Jones peddles at InfoWars, but it's packaged a lot more palatable.

Of Course he Does...

I'm not surprised Donal Trump came out supporting Roy Moore, a man with numerous allegations and accusations that he likes little girls. I don't think Trump gives two shits if Moore wins or loses in Alabama. Trump cares about Trump, and by throwing his support to Moore, it's his way of giving the rest of us the finger, a huge 'fuck you' to the media and the general populace. Given the mans propensity to be vengeful, and outright hateful, Trump just can't handle the fact we all keep pointing out he's a pussy grabber, himself. Throw in the fact that his good buddy Flynn has turned on him, and add in the numerous Republicans of high and mighty stature that have condemned Roy Moore, Trump has to act the role of the two year old throwing a fit, screaming and yelling as he's drug out of the store. Trump hates us, he's pissed at us, so he's just giving us his little middle finger.

I'm not one

to mock those with mental health issues, not even those with issues created by drug abuse such as meth. For instance, when a man waves a shotgun at police and claims he has to protect us from the lizard people, I'm likely to write it off as attributable to those mental health issues. But for some reason, I suspect he might have really received a personal call from Trump to take arms against the lizard people. That's entirely in the realm of possibility these days, isn't it??


lets rejoice that we're all on our way.

I have to work the weekend, sucks to be me.


The Devils having his Day

with a group of high school students in Argentina, or is it just mass hysteria, or drugs, or just angst. It's hard being a teenager these days, and they're susceptible to a lot of external pressures but I'm thinking it's the devil being mischievous, sticking his horns where they don't belong. Why? Because only the devil could cast a spell on all their smart-phones making the pictures look like crap. I guess you could say that's proof of his existence, and there's people out there that will run with that.

Lesson Learned,

the hard way. Dude, when you're jerking off in the closet, you don't wanna be bothered, right? It ain't no different for your woman. Next time you hear some loud moaning coming from the bedroom, don't jump to conclusions, don't break open the door, cuz it's not going to end good. BTW, maybe if you were home a bit more, she wouldn't have to resort to alternative methods of getting off. Trust me on that!

Contraception, the old, hard way.

Thank the lord for 21st century contraception. I can't imagine wanting to lie with a women who used crocodile dung as a gel. Yeah, that'd work by way of repulsion. I'd be more apt to go with the magical amulet. Can you imagine being an Egyptian King, and having your cloth condom on display after a gazillion years. I mean, like people would wonder if it was the only one you had, that you prized it so much, you had it buried with you.

Question Answered!

There's only one reason Trump chose to RT a white nationalists violent tweets disparaging Muslims, and that reason is our President wanted to spread fear, divisiveness and hate. No claims of ignorance, no claim of misunderstanding what he retweeted, will work. This was deliberate. What sliver of doubt I had that Trump was not a racist has dissolved. He is! Hell, the videos aren't even verified. In the one, the attacker of a Dutch boy identified as Muslim, isn't!


For a setting American President to sow such discord, such hate, betrays all of us, our history, our beliefs. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm disgusted, not only with Trump, but with any American that views this Presidents behavior as appropriate, because if you do, your idea of what America and the Constitution upon which it is built is gleaned from your own personal desires of what you think America is and should be, not from any sense of historical reality.

Show of the Century!

Step right in, step right up, grab a magnifying glass and witness a sight to behold, magnificent fleas flying from trapeze to trapeze, pulling ten times their weight, and accomplishing astounding acrobatic feats that defy the laws of nature.


OK, I'd pay a flea sized amount to join in.

Been a While, since I've had an


and this assclown, James O'Keefe fits the moment, perfectly. This con mis-artist had some success some years back before people caught on to his bullshit, and he isn't smart enough to figure out most people have his number. Thing is, there's people out there who applaud his efforts, that's OK, they're idiots as well. I always find it interesting that those who cry about 'Fake News' are the actual purveyors of fake news. Kinda like our president! Birds of feather sure do flock and fuck together.

*Asshole of the Moment

Interesting Tidbit

of Historical importance. I don't have to fear the grotesque plague doctors anymore now that I know there was meaning behind their design. Like the beak was stuffed with rose petals to ward off the smell of the dead and dying. Then I have to think, if I was sickly, and I started to smell rose petals, which does happen btw, I'd be scared shitless of what would be coming my way. So yeah, somehow knowing the design intent behind this getup doesn't help. In fact, it makes it worse.

Know What Scares me?

Time being bought out by Meredith, with some influence of the Koch brothers. Sinclair eating up major local television news markets, The AT&T takeover of TimeWarner (CNN). I really don't give a shit about your political beliefs, doesn't matter where you lean in the wind because this is scary shit, and been going on a bit too long. Throw in the intent to end net neutrality along side with these major media mergers, there's a serious threat to democracy. You want something to fight about, get pissed about this. People like me, I'm going to lose my voice. Not that it's a loud one, I'll admit that, but it's mine. A lot of blogs, music you listen to, subscription services like Netflix, even YouTube will suffer.


Because CNN, Time, AT&T, Sinclair want you to watch their content, and they will dominate and they will throttle bandwidth to their competition. And they will end the Internet as we know it.

Safe to say

the holiday season is upon us. Neighborhoods starting to light up. Now I got nothing against Christmas. The Cold and snow, yeah. But nothing against Christmas. Can't imagine tho' Christmas without snow, without cold. California palms, er no. Desert cacti, not likely. Under a lit up orange tree in Florida? Just the cold, the snow.

I actually like Christmas, the spirit of Giving and Goodwill. For a couple of weeks every year, most of us seem to somehow act like decent humans. Could be there's hope.

Hope everyone got their fill, and their prayers answered. I had a mellow one, the wife had to work.

..and now it's Monday.

My Baby Shot Me Down,

and I had plans for Friday night.

Enjoy your weekend.

Coffee... Lucky Charms... Sugar...

I don't do enough to give shout-outs to my fellow youtubers, and that has to change.

Stop by the TheSaucyShow and say hi.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm taking a mini vacation to spend time with family, I'll post here and there, maybe. I'll be back at it Monday.

Bad Idea!

Hey, I got an idea. Lets beam a signal out into the universe letting everyone know we're here. Ug! That's like trailer trash moving into an upscale neighborhood and inviting everyone over to feast on cold, left over grits. Seriously, you think some hard working middle class Joe is going to be interested in having a dialogue with someone who doesn't care about the world they live in, or the people on it.

Time Travelin' Foolishness

Anyone that travels back in time without first gathering up all the winning powerball numbers ain't to be trusted. After that, I wanna know what my youtube subscription count is in 2021? If you ain't got that info, dude, you're not from the future, you're from the hollow earth society.

Hysteria? No, but...

In the mid eighties, mass hysteria swept the nation. Daycares were investigated for satanic rituals involving child abuse, people were prosecuted, childcare businesses closed, and innocent lives were ruined. Here in Minnesota, in the small community of Jordan, accusations of child sex rings, orgies with children were the norm. Accusation of neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and dozens were prosecuted, with children crying out from the witness stand and pointing at family friends.


It was all bullshit!


And it was hurtful to the voices of the real victims of child abuse.


I don't know what's going on with all the harassment accusations these days, but I do know this. Even while some of the things I've heard are disgusting, I've decided to not rush to judgment until the facts are in, even though I tend to believe most of what I hear. Why? Because I worry some people are going to come out of the woodwork to make a buck, to get their 15 minutes of fame, not caring they'll mute the voices of real victims.

High Times in Old China.

I'm not surprised a marijuana stash has been uncovered in the burial site of a 2700 year old Shaman in China, but I am surprised the dude was white, and had blue eyes. Wonder how they knew he had blue eyes, was it because they lit some of that old magical shit up?

It's Friday

We're at the finish line.

Hopefully, there'll be another one next week.

I don't know what's worse,

16,000 scientists putting the pen to paper warning us the world is in danger, or Republicans who remain silent on Trumps multiple harassment allegations but are quick to condemn Frankens single instance of harassment. I just watched War of the Planet of the Apes and one of the plot points was that humans suffered from a virus that dumbed them down. I just have to wonder if there's more truth to that than we know. What if all the pollutants we've pumped into our environment is affecting us in ways we're not aware of.

I'm Donald Trump, Jr

and I love to hunt. I'm seen here holding the tail of an elephant. Before my dad was President, I wasn't allowed to bring home this guys Ivory tusks to display in my game room. I talked to my dad, and I'm proud to say he understands that it's my right to hang what I kill for all my friends to see what a great hunter I am. That's why he repealed Obama's ban on the importation of Ivory. I love my dad, and I tell him that daily, even when I'm on a private jet plane to Africa to get my tusks.

See, this is why

I don't pay attention to sports anymore. Back in the day, I'd never miss cozying up on the couch with the wife and spending Sunday afternoon watching football. People like Goodell and Jones, they ruined it for me, making the game all about their incessant need for money and fame. That and the fricking horrible ref's. But hey, my Vikes are seven and two, so I'll take that, and screw these guys for ruining my Sunday afternoons with my wife.

Christ, Another Serial Killer!

Imagine living in a small neighborhood of a major city where people are being murdered. Murdered at random, in broad daylight, blocks from each other. I can't imagine, I don't want to imagine. Hell, I don't even like locking my door before I go to bed, but I do these days. It ain't enough we have to put up with paranoid fucks burying their wives under their floorboards and going on a rampage, now people have to live in daily fear of walking to their bus stop. What a life!

Everyone likes their news,

and you're going to love the news you missed.


Way to Far

You gotta love the pharmaceuticals. Imagine getting a call from your doctors nurse asking why you haven't taken your daily anti psych med. 'Uh, because I'm feeling fine... and is this a real call or am I just imagining it?' C'mon, people, isn't this a bridge too far? Where's the intrusion into our miserable lives stop? Getting a call asking why I'm not taking my Viagra would send me off the deep end.

Hypocrisy is thy Name!

That's right, Republicans are hypocrites! They're all about state rights, until it's an issue they don't like. Sorry pube's, you can't have it both ways. If you're disgusted with a states approach to Marijuana laws, you can't target them just cuz you don't agree with 'em, then turn around and scream about states rights. Yeah, I call bogus, you frickin' hypocrites, now pass the joint, bogart.

Nothing like a

little fraud to start your day. yep, got up this morning, logged in to my bank account, and went WTF, where's my money. You don't think it can happen to you till it does! Watch yourselves people, better, watch your money.

Where's God live?

In your heart or in your head? Interesting question for science to ask, but the bottom line is, we all gotta live somewhere. I kinda like to think God lives in a cardboard box under the bridge one moment and in the eye of a hurricane the next. Not being a church goer, I tend to keep God close, in my heart, trying not to rationalize the guy, or girl. Bottom line is, you'll get a different answer form every second person, and it ain't a wrong or right answer, just your answer, and I'm fine with that.


It's a Right Side Up World.

In space, there's no up, down, left or right, so why is it in the weightlessness of the ocean depths, fish swim right side up. Is it because their anus forms first, or they're just smart enough to know better? Damn, nature is interesting!

Don't Even Know Where to Begin.

This tweet talks the lack of class, of awareness of global cultures. How do you believe the leaders of China, Russia, England and the global community at large will view his robust vulgarism? There's absolutely nothing worth of respect in his words. Trumps a two year old arguing with his mother is the only context I can put his behavior in. He is unable to articulate, he is illiterate in his use of language, and he relies on the force of his character which has served him well catering to his base.


Say what you want about past Presidents, they all carried themselves with class, representing America as a united Nation. Trump carries the darkness shrouded in crass and division.

It's Friday

in this fucked up world,

so get your fuckedupiness on.