God Bless




We know who the losers are!


Even w/ a BC job, Life is a slog. You get up in the morning, wash your face, brush the pearls, grab your phone, read the news, and toss your gut all over the place. It's not only embarrassing to be a human being these days, here in America, it's somewhat disgusting! There's absolutely no reason for all this hate, all this BS, all the riots, murders, and what have you, except to generate a lot of media profit, and to push agendas.


We are better, all of us are.



'I continually fail to comprehend why there is so much suffering in the world when the majority of people on the planet are good, and well-intended.'



Is kinda sad, but true of the moment.




Bombings, slashings, murders, and what's the news headlines?




Slammed Stumpfs Ass

and rightly so.



How 'bout a little

Wednesday Rockabilly


19.99s a small price to pay for protection.




I'm here.





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Is it believable that our greatest fear is to be forgotten? That after our lives have ran their course, traveled well past our children and theirs, that our names, our deeds, our possessions and their worth, are nothing. That all that we are, will be captured by a bleached tombstone, setting alone in the company of the dead. How many generations will pass before our words, our deeds and our aspirations are unknown. How many before even our names bring a question as to who we were?    GO!


"I'm confused as shit. People want to make America great again, returning to our Democratic principals, yet when someone expresses their democratic right to protest, in their own individual style, like Kaepernick, they get pissed?"











"That sense of leaving something undone is cause for a sense of guilt I can't justify. I think it's because I took the easy way out, I took that path that lead here. I could have done more but didn't want to. I'm not going to lie about it, that's the truth."


No top Exec's

Cuz they're Special!

Think about this shit.


It's Friday,



More than worth a watch,

but do you get it?






Check this Tuber out. More energy that a speeding derailed train, and he's way funny from what I've watched so far.






They both represent who we are as a people!









Asshole of the Moment

Unbridled power & Corruption.



Class Act given

all the personal



Prayers and Thoughts



I stand with the guy. It's his right.





I'm voting 4 this guy!





When the heart hurts, there is no balm save for the grace of God. And that hurts?


"& Strange..

There but for the grace of God, go you, and I’m not allowed to follow."



life is what we make of it but some of us do better with the ingredients than others....  "






Join the revolution



So looking forward to watching...


and what's up with the 'Every hero has a code' tag? Maybe the bad guys are the good guys this time out.






Of course the News department at FB was filled w/ Liberals. It's no different than Fox being populated by Conservatives



The Dog at the Door

The invariable fleecing of America is tragic in that we, the American public no longer have a reliable American press to guard and protect our rights from the infringement of Government. Their agenda has clearly changed and as such, the agenda of our Government has changed too. With no one watching, accountability is not forthcoming and men of power will push their agendas into action and we will see further erosion of American Democracy. That world you believe will be here when you wake up one of these mornings, will be a distant memory. Those who would be free to sustain their agendas for power are nothing less than dogs who are howling and salivating in delight of doors left open.



No shit.

SETI's listening!

The truth is here.




God Bless,

& mix it well with Gilda tonight.





Our weekend was

picture perfect.





On mY Blog!


~Yeah, now..




                  Ya Think?



You're not the only one on the internet using a fake name!



Piss ya Off?

The active ingredient costs about a buck!



 ..continued on and within the hour I met head on, two bare breasted women and a pygmy. The short one with a long, thin spear, pierced nose and ear ring, wearing only a necklace of handcrafted vine. The women, balancing pots of fruit trotted behind the dark pygmy like giant gatekeepers of some unknown secret. They did not speak, but they returned my nod as..



"Only in a Republic are the rights of a minority considered. It’s a bit different in a Democracy."




Just sayin'..





The richest 10% hold 76% of the wealth

If you have 10 people in a room with 100 to spread among the 10 people, 1 person would have 76 dollars and the rest would have to split the remaining 24$ for 2.66 each.


ver, and I'm better off for it.



Special This

Be 503


Head on over to We are Salmonella. Talent, decent quality, and all around good fun.


Such is our world in

that which we hold dear

is that which




Cool Twitter hashtag starting to Trend



I investigate the Church of Fornication




Needs all the prayers & help it can get, including help from big Government.


..and it's friggin' Wednesday, already?




Coming soon!




           Kelly Ayotte

Doesn't like Trump, won't endorse him, but she'll vote for him.


Because she puts the P in party, as in party first America!






Pretty much how my Weekend went, ..and it's tuesday already?





"I’ll have none of your insanity in my abode unless your fantasy involves me."


Consider me squeezed



Stuudman, Studman





Asshole of the Moment

Roger Ailes

Turns out Roger was not only a closet porn dog who treated women like shit, but he's also a manipulative shit that likes pissing on people as well.



Roddenberrys Mirror

Aggression, Ego, Pursuit of power and dominion, Duty, Loyalty, Religion, Family. All our dark ills, and the good things we often make dark, seem to be prevalent in our lives at the moment, and it’s hard to comprehend the validity of the human species as having a right to even exist. I’m struck by an odd Star Trek analogy, that the Klingon's represented the old Soviet empire during the cold war years. I’m struck by it because I don’t think the analogy is true, back in the Sixties or today.  The real analogy might be the Klingons represent us, the human race, and Star Fleet, well, they represent who we wish we really were, all our unachievable dreams, the good guys we’d all like to be, but never will be. Sad thought isn't it?


The truth is, we’re not even as cool as the Klingons, we’re just a a pale shade of wannabes.


None of this is to say that we’re a violent species, I don’t believe we are. Most people would rather not send their sons to war, most sons would rather not leave to die in some far off land. Yet it happens all the time. Most people would be willing to treat a stranger with compassion if given the chance, many do, many do not. Most people don’t fall for political diatribe and bullshit, but far too many do. No one wants to see another school shooting yet there’s no serious effort underway to address the issues involved.




I can't help but wonder if collectively, we are just a scared little species and the only way to make that fear bearable is through entertainment? I’m not sure, while fear is part of the puzzle, that there’s not another element as well, that we’re not able to distinguish our own personal truths and beliefs. We take what we’ve been given and we do what we’ve been told. And than, we defend them, even sending our children to die to do so.


I readily admit, I don’t have the answer any more than you do but I do believe this, we’re more akin to Klingons than we are to Captain Kirk and his crew.  I’m guessing our future isn’t going to be as bright as Gene Roddenberry proposed it could be.





I try.

I really do try!




Oh good lord, misogyny is everywhere

I, personally, haven't watched one minute of the Olympics yet. I heard Judo was pretty cool, and I think I missed womens beach Volleyball, and that fact, bothers me.



Just think about this.


*God, I hate Mondays!


I watched the August 5th episode of Real Time w/ Bill MaherRick Santorum was a guest and offered his opinion that Donald Trump was so popular with voters because they were angry, & distrustful of the 'establishment'.


Rick was careful to not  mention that he helped build that mistrust and anger.


Probably why he supports Trump,

 Just saying. Fucking Hypocrite!



Sail away with me, my friends, into the great unknown.


 Appreciate the follow, RTZ



Someones getting a root canal today, just in

time to ruin their weekend!


I'm currently screwing around with Instagram stories, just an fyi..


Good lord, it's the truth.

They said they even laugh about it!



Thanks for the Follow Wes



Just saying, there's so much crap going on at the moment that I could post an 'Asshole of the Moment' every other hour, if not every hour.




Everyone loves their peace and quiet, their solitude. A place, or a way to remove  oneself from the daily onslaught of noise, confusion and just general bullshit that invades our lives.


Life is noise!

Life is confusion!

Life often is, bullshit!


As much as we try, we can't stray too far from it, cuz life follows us, catches up with us, and always reminds us we can not hide.


There's time for that when we fall asleep in the dirt.



Weekend Update:

I had a strange weekend. I had wanted to spend sometime just doing some thinking and drinking around my fire pit. You know, a beer, a shot and a thought about the pros and cons of Hil and Trump. Well, my little slice of heaven got ravaged by a storm so I spent most of the weekend doing cleanup, and I woke up yesterday morning to an ammonia leak that had permeated our little camper. Spent the whole day sick, with a horrible headache. All said and done, the hard work musta allowed for some contemplation, I figured some shit out. I have kinda, maybe an idea of who I'm voting for.



An Oldie

and an all time favorite.


My advice, don't follow me down, cuz  I'm going for a drink.



I'm just being torn to pieces.


Time to set around my firepit, do a shot of Cuevro and think about shit, a lot of shit.



I'm having just a real F*cking hard time realizing that I might have to vote for Hillary. I don't want to, it's goes against every old bone in this weathered body. I hate the thought of political dynasty in our Democracy, I really don't trust her politics, and outside of holding elective office, I can't think of anything she's done for the American people except embroil herself in controversy. With her election, there will be no progressive movement, we will be embroiled in ongoing foreign death and destruction, and divisiveness will grow. How do I vote for that? That's my conscience.


Someone tell me I'm wrong. Leave a comment, convince me, please.



WTF Don?

If your thinking it's ok for Russia to check in on Hillarys personal mail, are ya gunna look in on mine?




A Little Promo never hurt.




There's a homespun BEAST on my blog


Asshole of the Moment

Debbie Wasserman Schultz


I used to like and respect

Ms. Wasserman-Schultz but she screwed with the Bern, and the chair of the Democratic party ain't supposed to do that. That's Rebublicunt shit.





Weather the Storm, my friends..




Size Matters,


Lives Don't





My newest is out.

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'There are times when nothing said speaks volumes of disturbing silence.'


Take a Shot,

all you expressive modernists.

What's my next tube about?

Leave a comment if you think you know.




And while you're wondering what Plagiarism means, why not get weird with Ben




My Baby, I need a baby,

really bad, baby!






Like I said, the funny shit season has arrived.


Plagiarism, Really?

Well, why the fuck not?


The Funny Season begins




I don’t have answers.


I’m not even so sure I have the right questions anymore. What I do have are feelings, and those feelings run the gamut from confusion, to anger, to sorrow.


Asking why any sensible person would ambush working class Police Officers isn’t even a sensible question to ask. There’s no answer. Not one! An unspoken belief is that there’s some black militant group running around murdering Police offices in retaliation for all the black lives that have been lost to Police stupidity and brutality.


I don’t buy into that. No more than I do that all Police officers are stupid and brutal. I don’t! I refuse to.!


The one thing I do know, in my gut, in my heart, in my thoughts, is that not all Black Americans are militant, not all are thugs plotting to overthrow the white man. I’d hazard a guess there are about as many Black Americans plotting to kill white folks as there are, I dunno, maybe as many as there are white folks plotting to kill blacks.




Yet something is going on. Something I’m thinking we shouldn’t be rushing to judgment on, even though most will, or already have.


I’m thinking there are those who like that rush to judgment.


Little Friday Night Love


'Get a Little'



"My life is totally insane at the moment, why should it be any different around the world. Checking in on the news, it looks like it's not."





Anna Provoda

A strange little tale of love and suicide.




~Evil Blood~

Getting to know your mothers brothers sisters uncles cousin

A while back I had to set in a blood born pathogen training session that consisted of watching a horrible training youtube video. The sound was inaudible, the production values worse than mine, and I got to thinking, 'I can do that' so I did, and better.






3 dead at Michigan courthouse


We absolutely need to start talking about solutions, but all we do is point fingers. We can't keep yelling at each other, someone has to take the first step and  say, hey, lets talk.



This is just getting fricking insane.




Know what makes 'em happy?




There are dark places a man should not go. Thoughts that give solace, give pleasure yet their fulfillment would bring despair beyond belief only because we live in a civilized society. There is a great truth that life is full of sorrow, and melancholy, for each, as well the whole. The loss of a loved one, a wandering spouse, an unpaid bill, hunger, poverty, sickness, war.


We try to escape, to movies, netflix, to food and drink, whatever, wherever our sensibilities allow.


There are times, the darkness is unsurmountable, the questions asked, of self and of others, are those which should never be asked and always are. The answers always the same, tainted by the darkness of thoughts, unforgiving and... unreliable.


In all our hearts we can be hateful creatures, mean to our neighbor, distant from those we love and covet that which is not ours and this is true of you as it is of I. Tis a difference tho’, an ocean ‘tween, can be, and are, and there in lies a saving grace.


There are those, I refuse to be. When the darkness comes, I will reveal but I will not live in places where I can not see, can not feel. The thoughts will come and I will let them go, without form, their substance refuted. All the ills of humanity can come this way as hammers to strike this nail, and as I am held to the wood, I will not flinch.


Neither will I surrender.


Truth twisted, turned on it’s side, scared and mutilated is still the truth. It can not be an excuse.


And when the truth is known, the darkness remains, the damage done, the soul a bit aged but I will run, with quick feet and quicker thought, to a green pasture where warmth and goodwill prevail.



And how was your weekend?



2am shitfuck post:


"man, we are living in strange and even dangerous times."



What say You?

Hate Speech?



Death, Destruction & Rampage

My heart goes out to the officers, wounded and dead, and to their families. Their spouses, kids and parents. I wish I had answers, I do not. I'm too numb from all the death that permeates  my life. Death that good and sensible people just can't seem to address, to prevent. I'm numb from the senseless stupidity of hate, of fear, of ignorance, of ego. I'm numb from knowing there's a lot more death to come; in a school, a theater, down the street, a church, in a car. All places I visit, all places my family visits, and no one seems to care.



Might be a bit


more truth than what we think is out there.



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Asshole of the Moment

WTF, how does anyone deserve to die for a broken tail light. If it's not for celling CD, it's for selling cigarettes, I just don't get it. Are the police not trained to deal with African Americans, or anyone whose not white. Good friggin lord, any cop who doesn't belong on the force, for what ever reason, and yet is on the force, is an asshole!



In the mood for some words from a Visitor from Deep Space. His observations are on the front page of my blog.



Your 1st thought is that this is a Trump Parody, and for the first time in your life, you're right. For those who've asked, yea, the background art is from my distorted mind. Another factoid, I had to go to work with orange shit still in my hair. Not a lot, but enuff where I got strange looks.


I did try to copy Trumps accent, but that didn't work out, so I ended up copying what was easiest, his mannerisms and his frickin' orangutan hair. Ain't saying I succeeded, but hey, I'm just some strange guy doing videos for your enjoyment.


I also used a teleprompter, and I shouldn't have. I'm just not that good using 'em, but damn, they save a lot of editing time.