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One of these days, the American people are going to wake up and figure shit out. Question is, how's it all going to play out? This particular vid was shot during a family crisis but you'd never guess, would ya?

Funny, strange, and even thought provoking commentary. You'll find it all on my YTC, that's a promise

Every once in a while, you just gotta go crazy, do stupid shit, toss your sensibilities to the wind. Problem with tossing shit to the wind is that everyone thinks your a perv, your bros call your mom, who then won't have anything to do with ya, and your friends laugh & whisper behind your back,   a lot.


I can't even begin to tell you what you've stumbled upon. I'm a youtuber, blogger, writer and dreamer.  I'm not rich, not famous and my channel stats suck, so hey, I need any love you can throw my way.



I do what I do with a 99 dollar webcam, a snowball mic, a cheap green screen, a lighting system I made for under twenty bucks. I use Corel Videostudio for editing and Paint Shop Pro. Both are under a hundred bucks. There's more info about me, my history and my work on the about page, if you're really that curious.

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What will you find, that you won't find here. Short stories, political and social thoughts, some cool memes, a few vids here and there. Check it out, and follow, that way, you never miss an opportunity to argue with me over my Liberal views.

A lot of people are doing really cool shit on Youtube, and I'm going to be highlighting them. X Minus One calls back to old time radio, and I just love it.


This show, 'Cold Equations' is based on Tom Godwin's short story. Check it out.

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Of course, I blog as well but like my YT Channel, it's not a normal run of the mill blog.