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No, it ain't a picture out my window of our recent snowstorm, although there's a resemblance. In fact, what your looking at is the surface of a comet compiled from a series of pictures, as a gif, by landru79. A bit more information can be found at LiveScience.

Not a Chance

you could ever get me to believe that living through a cold-ass winter day is less stressful than setting around my fire-pit, drinking a cold one. My car always starts in the summer, I don't have to shovel a shitload of snow, there ain't no outrageous heating bills, and I don't have to worry about sliding off the damn road every time I round a corner. Yeah, science is cool, but sometimes kinda stupid.

Ride to Nowhere Land

I get there's bad people, and there's good people who've made mistakes, and all need to do their time. Thing is, for most of of 'em, we need to treat them with some semblance of respect. Not letting them waller in their own piss and shit for 18 days while they're being transported is a start. IMHO it's kinda hard to rehab anyone whose suffered through that kind of degradation, 'specially if down the road a bit, I was found to be innocent.

Incel Imbecility

So some stupid, deranged fuck plows a van into a crowd killing ten people and wounding scores of others, and he's hailed as a hero by some misogynist on-line community called Incel. WTF people! I get free speech, but lets shine the light on these losers and watch the rats scurry. As much as I love the growing global community of humankind, I gotta say, there are some real losers out there, and these lowlifes exemplify that fact.

Always Wondered

why Russia was able to put a woman in space way before Sally took her ride twenty years later. Reading that NASA believed it'd be a waste of money because after all the training, the women would up, run off and get married is a throwback to a different world. But I didn't realize John Glenn was such a staunch opponent of women in space, publicly rebuking the women with words akin to 'A women's place is in her kitchen', or something like that. Glad he lived long enough to see he was wrong.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


Interesting, in that

I thought penis replacement was an accomplished procedure dating back to the days of John Bobbitt. Regardless of what I thought, it's good to know that medical technology is always advancing in the right direction, as opposed to, say right wing politicians, who would claim such a operation is an affront to God. Unless they happened to come across John's wife, Lorena.

I Think, Therefore I Might Be

part of the universal consciousness. Or maybe not. I've given thought to perception and how it defines my reality, from time to time. Speaking of time, I've always believed time to be an abstract of my perception. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I do know this, instead of looking at the larger picture, how our perception of the universe defines our universe, hone in and look at the smaller picture. How our perception on a daily basis affects our daily lives, and those around us? When you look at perception on an individual scale, you start to understand how perception really does define a working reality for an awful lot of people, even if that perception is divorced from reality. Okay, now I've got a real headache because I shouldn't think about things like this.

All About the Meat

or 'I knew it was too funny to be true'. Still, I smile every time I imagine someone ordering a Big Mac, dropping the burger out and slamming their whopper between the buns and yelling with gusto, "This is real meat motherfuckers". Yep, I know Micky D's is populated by young uns, and old uns, and every uns in between, but I'd bet they'd all end up on the floor laughing their soy filled guts out.

Just like that,

it's Friday


The sun is out, temps are trending up

and I'm thinking I'll be setting around my firepit

in the not too distant future.



A Path is Traveled

by many. Sometimes, the origins of the path is lost to time. I'm open to the possibility that our species is on a path that's been traveled before, that there might have been some sort of intelligent species inhabiting our earth before we came along. Why? Because there's been a hell of a lot of strange shit dug up that there's no accounting for. I've always believed that the history of the earth is far more stranger than what we believe, and there's some fascinating mysteries out there to support that. Aliens? Who knows? Atlantis? Might be! Long lost civilizations? Sure, why not?

Damn Straight, There's


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