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My advice, don't follow me down, cuz  I'm going for a drink.



I'm just being torn to pieces.


Time to set around my firepit, do a shot of Cuevro and think about shit, a lot of shit.



I'm having just a real F*cking hard time realizing that I might have to vote for Hillary. I don't want to, it's goes against every old bone in this weathered body. I hate the thought of political dynasty in our Democracy, I really don't trust her politics, and outside of holding elective office, I can't think of anything she's done for the American people except embroil herself in controversy. With her election, there will be no progressive movement, we will be embroiled in ongoing foreign death and destruction, and divisiveness will grow. How do I vote for that? That's my conscience.


Someone tell me I'm wrong. Leave a comment, convince me, please.



WTF Don?

If your thinking it's ok for Russia to check in on Hillarys personal mail, are ya gunna look in on mine?




A Little Promo never hurt.




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Asshole of the Moment

Debbie Wasserman Schultz


I used to like and respect

Ms. Wasserman-Schultz but she screwed with the Bern, and the chair of the Democratic party ain't supposed to do that. That's Rebublicunt shit.





Weather the Storm, my friends..




Size Matters,


Lives Don't





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'There are times when nothing said speaks volumes of disturbing silence.'


Take a Shot,

all you expressive modernists.

What's my next tube about?

Leave a comment if you think you know.




And while you're wondering what Plagiarism means, why not get weird with Ben




My Baby, I need a baby,

really bad, baby!






Like I said, the funny shit season has arrived.


Plagiarism, Really?

Well, why the fuck not?


The Funny Season begins




I don’t have answers.


I’m not even so sure I have the right questions anymore. What I do have are feelings, and those feelings run the gamut from confusion, to anger, to sorrow.


Asking why any sensible person would ambush working class Police Officers isn’t even a sensible question to ask. There’s no answer. Not one! An unspoken belief is that there’s some black militant group running around murdering Police offices in retaliation for all the black lives that have been lost to Police stupidity and brutality.


I don’t buy into that. No more than I do that all Police officers are stupid and brutal. I don’t! I refuse to.!


The one thing I do know, in my gut, in my heart, in my thoughts, is that not all Black Americans are militant, not all are thugs plotting to overthrow the white man. I’d hazard a guess there are about as many Black Americans plotting to kill white folks as there are, I dunno, maybe as many as there are white folks plotting to kill blacks.




Yet something is going on. Something I’m thinking we shouldn’t be rushing to judgment on, even though most will, or already have.


I’m thinking there are those who like that rush to judgment.


Little Friday Night Love


'Get a Little'



"My life is totally insane at the moment, why should it be any different around the world. Checking in on the news, it looks like it's not."





Anna Provoda

A strange little tale of love and suicide.




~Evil Blood~

Getting to know your mothers brothers sisters uncles cousin

A while back I had to set in a blood born pathogen training session that consisted of watching a horrible training youtube video. The sound was inaudible, the production values worse than mine, and I got to thinking, 'I can do that' so I did, and better.






3 dead at Michigan courthouse


We absolutely need to start talking about solutions, but all we do is point fingers. We can't keep yelling at each other, someone has to take the first step and  say, hey, lets talk.



This is just getting fricking insane.




Know what makes 'em happy?




There are dark places a man should not go. Thoughts that give solace, give pleasure yet their fulfillment would bring despair beyond belief only because we live in a civilized society. There is a great truth that life is full of sorrow, and melancholy, for each, as well the whole. The loss of a loved one, a wandering spouse, an unpaid bill, hunger, poverty, sickness, war.


We try to escape, to movies, netflix, to food and drink, whatever, wherever our sensibilities allow.


There are times, the darkness is unsurmountable, the questions asked, of self and of others, are those which should never be asked and always are. The answers always the same, tainted by the darkness of thoughts, unforgiving and... unreliable.


In all our hearts we can be hateful creatures, mean to our neighbor, distant from those we love and covet that which is not ours and this is true of you as it is of I. Tis a difference tho’, an ocean ‘tween, can be, and are, and there in lies a saving grace.


There are those, I refuse to be. When the darkness comes, I will reveal but I will not live in places where I can not see, can not feel. The thoughts will come and I will let them go, without form, their substance refuted. All the ills of humanity can come this way as hammers to strike this nail, and as I am held to the wood, I will not flinch.


Neither will I surrender.


Truth twisted, turned on it’s side, scared and mutilated is still the truth. It can not be an excuse.


And when the truth is known, the darkness remains, the damage done, the soul a bit aged but I will run, with quick feet and quicker thought, to a green pasture where warmth and goodwill prevail.



And how was your weekend?



2am shitfuck post:


"man, we are living in strange and even dangerous times."



What say You?

Hate Speech?



Death, Destruction & Rampage

My heart goes out to the officers, wounded and dead, and to their families. Their spouses, kids and parents. I wish I had answers, I do not. I'm too numb from all the death that permeates  my life. Death that good and sensible people just can't seem to address, to prevent. I'm numb from the senseless stupidity of hate, of fear, of ignorance, of ego. I'm numb from knowing there's a lot more death to come; in a school, a theater, down the street, a church, in a car. All places I visit, all places my family visits, and no one seems to care.



Might be a bit


more truth than what we think is out there.



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Asshole of the Moment

WTF, how does anyone deserve to die for a broken tail light. If it's not for celling CD, it's for selling cigarettes, I just don't get it. Are the police not trained to deal with African Americans, or anyone whose not white. Good friggin lord, any cop who doesn't belong on the force, for what ever reason, and yet is on the force, is an asshole!



In the mood for some words from a Visitor from Deep Space. His observations are on the front page of my blog.



Your 1st thought is that this is a Trump Parody, and for the first time in your life, you're right. For those who've asked, yea, the background art is from my distorted mind. Another factoid, I had to go to work with orange shit still in my hair. Not a lot, but enuff where I got strange looks.


I did try to copy Trumps accent, but that didn't work out, so I ended up copying what was easiest, his mannerisms and his frickin' orangutan hair. Ain't saying I succeeded, but hey, I'm just some strange guy doing videos for your enjoyment.


I also used a teleprompter, and I shouldn't have. I'm just not that good using 'em, but damn, they save a lot of editing time.